Fall in love with your content all over again.

It's important for full time streamers and creators to diversify their content portfolios to appeal to a wider audience but you don't need to do it all yourself. I'm now available as video editing support for content creators looking to elevate their material and expand their scope.  

I specialize in editing Twitch streams for YouTube consumption, but I'm capable of much more. You've got the material, now let me help you sculpt it into something engaging and fresh to pull in views from other social media platforms. Reach out and let me help you tell your story!

Here are some channels where you can see my video editing work in action:



YouTube editing partnership. 2-3 full length videos edited weekly in let's play and stream VOD format.


What Would Kay Say?

Multi-cam editing of interview style videos, as well as graphics creation.


Chaotic Neutral Goblin

Editing of full length let's play style collaboration.


Paige The Witch

Highlight reels created from stream VODs and clips.


Armored Andy

Highlight reels created from full length stream VODs.